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Ashford Photo and Film
Address: Inglis st.
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Wedding and portrait photographer.
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Ben is a published wedding and portrait photographer with over 15 years experience.
Ben services Victoria, Australia and worldwide.

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Caliba Design and Branding
Address: Webster Street
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Caliba provides brand design, brand strategy, creative services and print services to help businesses build distinctive and original brands. Grow your business and connect with your ideal customers with beautiful design.
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Good design will increase your profits and bring clarity to brands. It will help businesses to transform and grow, differentiate your business from your competitor, make you stand out from the crowd and attract your target market.

If you need to get clarity on your branding, consistency in how you present yourself or need some strategy behind what you are you doing, then you have come to the right place.

I can help you get a clear vision about your brand, understand your target market and find ways to communicate with them more effectively. After 20 years in the design business, I come with a wealth of knowledge on how you can take your business to the next level.

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Franchise Connections
Address: 3340
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Franchise Connections- The Right link
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Working across many industries over the last 25 years with some wonderfully talented people, and having a very adaptable, detail and results driven nature has given us an incredible backbone of knowledge that we are very passionate about sharing with all our. clients.

Our work is based on understanding your business goals to achieve specific outcomes via development and coaching consulting across all levels of your business.

We also partner with consulting groups to provide outcome based support services.

If it is solutions based business excellence you are seeking, whether franchise or non-franchise based, we would love to have that conversation with you to see where we can add direct value to your business.

We offer a range of consulting services to assist in the growth of your business from concept stage or existing business wanting to grow.

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0409 996 393
Wide Open Co. | Graphic Design Agency
Address: 8 Margaret Drive,
Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340
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We are a graphic design agency specialising in all aspects of branding, print and digital marketing requirements for small to medium businesses. We manage any small or large projects for your business from logo designs and rebranding to website designs, brochure designs, copywriting, photography and social media account management.
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We can help with how you look to how you communicate

Brand Identity
Make the right first impression. The way your business presents itself to the world speaks volumes.

Without an online presence, your business risks being invisible. Be seen in the digital world.

Traditional media doesn’t mean old fashioned, it’s still a highly effective means to reach your market.

Hit your target market with carefully considered communications that cut through the competitive noise.

Save time and money by putting an idea through its paces with expert help.

We treat large and small projects the same – involving you and your brand vision in our creative process so that we understand, create and deliver beyond your expectations.

We’re committed to our clients, our craft and the results we achieve. We build long term partnerships so we deliver high quality, meaningful design.

We listen and ask the questions that need to be asked, always seeking and open to learning more. We really get to know our clients so we can embrace their unique characteristics and help them shine.

We don’t execute until we’re confident we understand the task at hand and have a plan to achieve it.

We’re not happy to just accept the status quo. Some things are the way they are for a reason, but not always.

Open Access
We seek to share our knowledge and expertise. We believe openness, and understanding the creative process, is of collective value and brings with it empowerment.

We build brands that last. We’re never thinking just about today, but what tomorrow could bring and how the past has shaped our brands and experience.

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