The attempt uses a trusted source, (The Project) to make it believable.

As far as Internet scams go, this one is actually catching quite a few people out.

Scammers will always try to find new ways to suck in unsuspecting people to their scams and using the trust of celebrities is not new.

This attempt however has reached quite a lot of people so we thought it prudent to write about it to help reduce the effect on people in our area.

In the current version of this attempt, The scammer hacks or clones an unsuspecting persons Facebook account. With the trust this person has with their friends, the scammer then posts a link to their timeline and tags upto 50 contacts linked to the account.

The attempt shows deposits from “Bitcoin Aussie System”

They make the heading look like it’s a no brainer to check out.

Some headings for the scam attempt include,

“How Mel Gibson’s Latest Investment Has Australians Making Up To $2,500 a day”.

“How Mel Gibson’s Latest Investment Has Big Banks Terrified”

“How Mel Gibson’s Latest investment Has Australians Making Up To $63K A Month

“SPECIAL REPORT: Mel Gibson’s Latest Investment Has Experts in Awe And Big”

If you feel like you have been scammed and would like your computer given a once over, please call the Ballan Computers team on 03 5368 2611 for an onsite visit.

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