Residents in Sunbury and Bulla today have stepped up their fight in the battle to stop PFAS contaminated soil entering their region for disposal.

With QR codes and COVID mesures encouraged the planned protest was allowed to go ahead with hundreds of people showing up to pledge their support.

Sites in Bulla and Maddingley have been approved by the EPA to take in the soil with both communities fighting hard to stop the soil entering their region.

The troubled Westgate tunnel project is 2 years behind schedule with the toxic soil issue causing a major headache for the project.

Event organiser Chris O’Neil said he was proud of the community today and believes the crowd sent a loud message that toxic soil is not welcome.

“I am so proud of Sunbury and Bulla.

Today we sent a message loud and clear to all in power that we will not be walked over.

We are a safe seat right now but let’s see what happens about that. So happy to see many young families attend today and take part in our walk to raise awareness.

Can’t wait to see the media activity tonight. You should all be proud of the huge effort that has gone in to this not just by you but everyone behind the scenes.

There are so many people working tirelessly behind the scenes that make this happen. Excellent work and let’s gear up for our next bigger and better one on the steps of parliament.” he said in a post on his Facebook page.

Posted by No Toxic Soil In Sunbury on Saturday, May 1, 2021

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