The rule of proximity is simply, if you can reach it with ease, you’ll eat it.

This means that if you have easy access to food that you don’t want to eat because of your goals, yet you still find yourself eating them, it’s probably because of the rule of proximity.

Question: What’s in your environment right now?

Your environment is simply the space around you in which you spend time in.
? Your House
? Your workplace
? Your desk
? Your friend’s home
? Your family’s home
? Your partner’s home

Can you think of any other environments that you spend time in?

Question: Does your environment reflect your current health?
If not, is there another environment that you spend a lot of time in that reflects your health?

? Refer to the list above.

Your environment can be the culture within your home, workplace, business, or a place you reside in often.
Some of those cultures may look like:
? ordering takeout every day at lunch
? present baked goods every Thursday
? Friday night drinks
? sweet culture on work desks etc.

It can even be present in the language that other people use

? ‘C’mon let’s go for drinks’
? You’re coming for lunch right?’
? ‘You can’t let them go to waste?’

Your environment can be more than just a physical space that involves the food & drinks within it.?

Keep these different factors in mind as they effect your rule of proximity.

So how can you tackle you environment where you’re around
? different foods
? a culture that promotes fast food, take out, drinking
? toxic or unsupportive surroundings that makes it hard for you to stay on track?

Plan & prepare

✅ Bringing your own choices to the work new environment
✅ Make your colleagues and the people who promote that culture aware of your goals and ask them for their support
✅ Don’t be afraid to avoid people or remove yourself from engaging with other people who use specific language to make you feel bad or have bad intentions

If you can’t, then try approaching them this way:

Hey Jake (Your Boss at work)

I’ve decided I’m trying to improve my health, but I need some advice.

This will open them up to helping you more.

Once they give some input, say thank you, I hope you don’t mind if I ask your for some support from time to time.

This will warm them to the conversation of helping you with your goals.

You can then go on to have a discussion on what makes it hard for you to stay on track with your goals and you might mention:
? The Culture
? Friday night drinks
? The language used towards you or in your space

Just simply bringing these things to the attention of those who hold authority in a space like your work environment, could really help make a big difference in that environment and positively influence the rule of proximity within it.

If the people you approach don’t care or take an interest in helping you, you can try the following:

A) Remove them from your life – a bit extreme
B) Decrease your exposure to them – if they notice this and confront you, you can tell them why or make up an excuse that might have a bad outcome.
C) Give it some time, and then have another conversation from a different approach
D) Live with it if you have no other choice because there are elements outside of your control & influence – such as workplace teams, rosters etc.

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Author: Jake Pearson