Bacchus Marsh facility, Royal Freemasons is currently appealing for visitors to the lodge that did not sign in to make contact.

It comes after it was revealed that a passenger from flight QF778 from Perth had visited the facility.

If you have been to the lodge over the last few days, but did not book through the visitor booking system, please send an email to

It is not yet known if the traveller that visited the facility has COVID19 but precautions are being taken until test results are received.

An email sent to families from Management, shows how seriously Management are taking the situation. “We understand that this is not ideal, however we need to try and reduce the number of people entering the facility for the safety of all in case the person who visited tests positive.”

“Be assured that all staff and visitors to the home have undertaken entry screening and been following infection control process, including wearing masks.”

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Author: Dev