Sitting on the second story verandah at midday on a Saturday afternoon contemplating the the day so far surveying the streetscape not a person in sight, with families at sports events or exploring our region.

Just about to nod off for a nanna nap and the silence broken by whistle of train approaching train from Melbourne.

A few minutes pass and in the distance l noticed half a dozen youths heading my way a couple of them carrying backpacks. Very vocal without a care in the world a couple of them scanning the street looking for any people that would witness their next activity.

One thing l have noticed from my vantage point no one ever looks up unless there is noise to catch their attention. A couple of the youths pulled spray paint cans ready to ply their trade on a small town off unsuspecting country bumpkins.

They immediately started spraying in bright red the not so pleasant work on our rotunda obviously bored, their scouts not looking up at all.

In no time at all their handy work complete. Giggling and laughing still no sign of people in the street and they had caught the unsuspecting country bumpkins.

The next train leaving bumpkinville in an hour they headed off up the street.

When they were out of site l went to my store room and grabbed a can of matching green spray paint same colour as rotunda and headed over, making sure they were out of sight and proceeded to spray their work out then headed back to my vantage point.

About 30 minutes later l could hear the jovial youths coming down the street, still no other people in the street.

Silence from the youths as they approached the pristine rotunda with none of their previous work visible.

Words of what the f—- and what happened, then their heads darting to the left to right as they turned round and round to see if there was anybody watching hiding behind trees and power poles, still not looking up.

Because of the uncertainty of the situation and their safety they scampered off towards the safety of the railway station and eventually home to their own city neighbourhoods.

They will remember all their days the magical event at bumpkinville. Thank You for the entertainment city slickers

This Moorabool Memory was provided by Joe McFall.

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Joe McFall
Author: Joe McFall