In theory, all you need is a wireless modem to enjoy a wireless connection for all your devices. Yet in the real world, Wifi signals can be plagued with interference and connection issues.

Interference or stretched WiFi can cause slower data transfer, higher ping times and connectivity issues.

If you have a wireless connectivity issue at you home there are a couple of things you can try.

Reduce common interference locations

Wifi technology like any radio wave can bounce around or be absorbed by liquids. If your Wifi modem is in your kitchen, you may want to consider moving it. A kitchen has metal appliances and accessories such as fridges, sinks, microwaves and an oven. All something your WiFi signal may bounce off. Bodies of water can absorbed a WiFi signal.

Another thing to consider is the amount of walls the signal passes through. If you;re trying to pass through 6 walls can you move the WiFi to a more central location? Are any of the walls thinker than others? Double brick or concrete walls can cause many issues.

Change the Channel

WiFi modems will allow you to change channel. If your modem is running on the same channel as your neighbour, it could be causing issues for you both. Log in to the admin panel of your modem and try a different channel.

Update the software on your modem

Known as firmware, ensure your modem has the latest firmware available. Later versions of your firmware will not only potentially help with coverage, they might also give you better power ratings or security features too.

Avoid network overload

If you have many devices connected to your modem simultaneously, try turning off or disconnecting devices that don’t need the WiFi at that time.

If you have 3 streaming devices, downloads and a computer doing updates all at the same time, your connection might labour a little.

New Hardware

Buying a new modem, may be the answer, it may not. If you have a range quality issue, you may need to invest in an access point or range extender. You might find your WiFi signal is perfectly fine, but your internet capability isn’t up to scratch.

Get help

If you are experiencing WiFi issues and would like help figuring out a better solution, give the team at Ballan Computers a call on 03 5368 2611 for Moorabool or Melton Computers a call on 1800 234 124 for Melton.

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