Everyone has motivators in life, things that cause boosts in motivation, reasons to change, and strategies & tricks they use to try and stay motivated or energised.

But motivation isn’t always going to be consistently at high levels, that’s just life and we all know it.

But what if, the reason we didn’t stay as ‘motivated’ and focused as we could be was controllable?

Introducing demotivators.

Demotivators can often be the reason why we have to rely on motivation in the first place.

They are possibly the real reason why you’re struggling to keep up the momentum in your life, as they are holding you back.

Because of them, we often have to rely on staying motivated like it’s a chore, rather than something that just sticks.

I’ve touched on the importance of having a personal reason to change, but just because you have a strong reason for a new outlook & change in life, doesn’t mean you’ll always succeed.

Demotivators present themselves as obstacles & adversity that prevents us from moving forward and can show up as the following:

Lack of Motivation
Self Doubt
Negative Support Network
Past Experiences
Unrealistic Expectations
Tunnel Vision on the big goal, ignoring the small ones
Failure & Hurdles
Self Sabotaging Behaviours
Bad Habits
Social Media
Lack of Results

TASK: Identify the top demotivators in your life and get to work on removing those obstacles which prevent you from staying on task.

If you’d like to hear a more in-depth discussion of these demotivators, you can hear the full episode on Spotify – The Demotivators of Weightloss

Jake Pearson – Lifestyle Coach & Personal Trainer


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Jake Pearson
Author: Jake Pearson