The 2020 council elections were run like no other. Under COVID restrictions the Council elections were complete by post.

While this was good for some, others including myself didn’t receive ballot papers despite trying to rectify the problem.

At the time, Facebook was full of posts about ballot papers and voting.

Around 350,000 Victorians were sent an Apparent Failure to Vote Notice from the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC)

People who either did not respond to the first notice, or who did not provide a sufficient reason for not voting will receive an infringement notice which includes a penalty of $83.

Anyone receiving an infringement notice must respond within 35 days – by either paying the fine, requesting an internal review, or applying to go to court.

Electoral Commissioner, Warwick Gately, is urging people who receive an infringement notice to take it seriously.

β€˜The most important thing is that you respond to the notice before the deadline – otherwise you could receive a Penalty Reminder Notice which carries the original penalty and an additional fee,’ Mr Gately said.

The additional fee is currently set at $25.80.

The VEC encourages non-voters who are unsure what to do, at any stage of the infringements process, to call 1300 551 575 or visit


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