Health by your definition is unique to you.

Through all the ups, downs & experiences you’ve cultivated through your life, that has shaped your own ideal of health & wellness.

On google, yes, it does have its very own definition is ‘the state of being free from illness or injury.’

But to you, what is it?

Health could be anything that you make it, although from your perspective.

It could be living and breathing.

It could be losing 25 pounds.

It could be having the ability to walk 5km and not feel puffed or tired.

It could be having no longer experiencing chronic pain & injuries, like myself.

Your health and wellness goals should be personal to you and start with a reason from within, which is giving you a desire to change.

If you have to subscribe to someone else’s goals for your own wellbeing, the likelihood that you’ll see continued long-term success & happiness in that area will diminish over time compared to that of a more intrinsically driven, self-motivated individual.

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