Facebook has again been targeted in an attempt for cyber criminals to gain access to users ID.

In an email sent by the scammers designed to look like a Facebook email, it suggests that your Facebook account will be disabled until an ID verification is completed.

The email asks you to upload a copy of your ID to verify your details.


“This is the E-Mail the scammers have used to try and verify our details. Sent to an email address we don’t have linked to a Facebook account.” – Nathan Dunlop

Facebook does require some users to verify their accounts. When they do, they will send emails similar to the one used in this attempt. When Facebook wants you to verify your identity, you will be prompted with a screen asking for the information immediately after logging into your Facebook account. There won’t be a “we’re going to disable your account email”, your account will just be disabled until you identify yourself.

If you receive this email and you’re not sure whether is legitimate or not, you can simply load Facebook on your chosen device. If it works, then your account is not required to be verified.

If it’s not working, you should see a screen from the Facebook app or in your browser asking you to verify.

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