Sleep – Could it be your weight solution?


Sleep is elusive. Sleep is mysterious. Sleep takes up 1/3rd of our lives.

There is so much we know about sleep & yet so little.

But it is becoming well studied with time and we’re beginning to understand the very important role that sleep plays on our health & wellness.

Sleep can have huge effects on weight-loss & weight gain, your skin, your gut health, muscle recovery, appetite, mood and hormone balance.

Jake Pearson, Host of the Redesign Your Body Podcast & Local Bacchus Marsh Lifestyle & Fitness Coach understands that sleep is a big contributor to ill health & good health alike.

He sought out registered nurse and renowned Sleep Hacker Catharine Nixon of the Vitamin C Blog to bring more of this information to light, which could help you improve your health & wellbeing through your sleep health & habits.

It’s not bright and sexy with a brand new trend name, it’s Sleep, and it’s something that all humans need and do, so why not learn more about how to make sleep your best friend on your health & wellness journey?

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