Traffic in Melton has been a nightmare for many drivers over the last week and there are few signs of it changing over the next few days.

On Monday (February 22) a road accident closed the rail crossing at Ferris Road Cobblebank causing widespread traffic chaos.

Traffic was diverted down Abey Rd as the closure caused drivers looking to skip through the area to access Cobblebank, Melton South and Eynesbury.

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“Traffic was bumper to bumper for almost the entire length of Abey Rd on Monday, It took a very long time to get to the roundabout at Station Road,” one driver said.

The route is a common shortcut for Western Fwy traffic wanting to access Cobblebank, Weir Views, Melton South and Eynesbury.

As traffic was diverted away from Ferris Rd, nearby roads became jammed.

On Tuesday the traffic on Station Road going through the roundabout at Abey Rd, Exford Rd and Brooklyn Rd was well back to the highway overpass.

V/Line said the repairs at Cobblebank would run into next week.

“Due to the Ferris Rd closure, passengers who usually travel to or from Cobblebank Station are encouraged to use Melton Station instead for a faster journey,” Vline said.

“We are hopeful to have the works completed in the next week”

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