Are you one of the more-than 14.5 million Australians who now have an account with a streaming company or pay TV provider?

Netflix is Australia’s most-used platform with more than 57 per cent of Aussies in a household with a subscription.

Pay TV has over 5.2 million subscribers while Kayo Sports has around 770,000.

The leading Australian owned subscribing service is Stan which has 3.3 million.

The challenge now is picking the right streaming service for your family.

With a raft of options, we find many families are using multiple pay TV subscriptions but getting a rude shock when they’re all added together.

For example, take Family A and Family B.

Family A is a home with two adults and a child aged under 10. They have multiple streaming accounts including Stan, Netflix, Disney+, Kayo Sports, Optus Sport and Spotify.

While Family A has a huge list of options, they are paying more than $90 a month with ‘affordable streaming services.’

“It doesn’t cost much per month for our streaming services” a person from Family A said.

“But when we added it up and showed them they were paying more than $90, they were taken aback.

“Maybe we need to recalculate what we use”

Family B has Netflix, Stan and Kayo – so their bill is slightly less.

They also alternate what they have to help keep the costs down.

“We’ll have Netflix for a month or so and then change to Stan for two months,” one member said.

“After the end of the footy season we stop our Kayo account until it starts up again.”

People with Foxtel are paying even more, with the most basic service costing more than $39 a month and the highest plan over $111.

Is it time to reconsider what streaming services you use?

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