It’s on. The battle between Google and the Australian government has powerful people playing a game of high stakes dare.

The Australian Government’s position on search results is clear, They want search engines to pay for content if they show up in search results. This would benefit the media industry but have an impact on Google’s income in Australia. So much so that if the legislation goes ahead, Google have vowed to pull it’s search engine from Australia.

Depending on the level of which google steps back, this promise could be a catastrophic reality for people who rely on Google products such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and Adsense.

So what are some alternative search engines if Google is axed from our shores?

Bing is easily the next well known brand. Bing is the Microsoft search engine that is set as default on all new computers.

DuckDuckGo is another that has a strong focus on privacy.

Ecosia is a search engine that promises to plant trees from advertising revenue, so this might be a good green option.

In any case, the term ‘Bing it’ might not have the same ring to it as ‘Google it’.

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