Everybody needs good neighbours and tonight a Bacchus marsh deaf man will appear on the show.

Nathan Borg will play Curtis Perkins – a young teacher at Erinsborough High.

The 24-year-old is believed to be the first television actor in Australia with a cochlear implant.

The character is an easy-going guy starting his teaching career under the watchful eye of veteran educators Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and Jane Harris (Annie Jones).

‘Curtis’ is described as passionate about helping young people – and far tougher than he lets on.

“Each time I film scenes with Jackie and Annie I am constantly growing as an actor,” Nathan said.

Support has been strong for Nathan after the announcement of his character with Facebook lighting up with messages of support and encouragement.

You can see Nathan in tonight’s episode on Ten Peach at 6:30pm or on TENPLAY.

Congrats Nathan, Look forward to seeing you on screen. – Lisa, Facebook

Awesome stuff! Great Job Nathan. – Patrick, Facebook

Hope he has a long and happy acting career. – Lee-Anne, Facebook

Awesome, All the best Nathan. I remember when he was at Pentland CH. – Maria, Facebook


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Author: Dev