Digital media is fast becoming the go to method for people when they want news fast.

News sources used by consumers in Australia as of February 2020 show that when it comes to news, 63% of Australians source news from TV.

Online & Digital has surged to second on the list with 53%, while social media is at 52%.

Radio news represents 28% while print news trails with just 25% of the people surveyed looking for news in print.


So why is Online news preferred over the age old print media?

1. Speed
Online news can be published within minutes of an event happening. Consumers want to know what is going on in a timely manner.

2. Videos
You can not display a video in a news paper. At best you can take a couple of screen shots to try and show what happened, but we know that doesn’t always show the full story.

3. Technology
The way we use technology has changed. It used to be that when you were in a doctors waiting room, or travelling on a train, you might pickup the paper and read it. Now, we have mobile phones, tablets and computers to keep us entertained. In fact, handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets now out number the amount of computers and laptops used.

4. Cost
Not all news papers are free, not all website content is free either, but there is a lot more availability of free news sources online.

5. Environmental
Paper media is often read once (if at all) and is then recycled or trashed. While digital is used constantly and for many different applications. Does this make digital a more green friendly resource? You bet.

6. Performance Tracking
Short of asking every person that contacts your business how they heard of you, how do you track the effectiveness of your advertising? Digital media allows all types of statistics to better understand your client and take up rates.

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Author: Dev