Yesterday we published a story about a plan to build 75 dwellings opposite Bacchus Marsh Vet. We asked you for your opinion and boy did we get a response.

If you missed yesterday’s story, here it is below.

We have received over 250 comments and email regarding the post. We’ll share some of it here.

“Has the Council gone stark raving mad? With our roads at a standstill a lot of each day how on earth are the cars ever going to get out onto Gisborne Road or Halley’s way .Greedy Councils just wanting more money not caring about anything else about town” – Margaret, Email

“I’d be concerned about the traffic… like Gisborne Rd isn’t busy enough” – Wendy, Facebook

“Council is disgraceful. This blank area needs to set the tone for the welcome and entrance to Bacchus (Marsh). It is right next to the childcare, established resident area and vets. How about a beautiful park that we can all enjoy as well as beautifying the entry to town.  Council takes our rates which are so high and I do not see them doing anything useful except try to make more money. Council has no shame and no pride.” – Shelly, Email

“Maybe sort out infrastructure that Bacchus Marsh needs before more estates” – Steve, Facebook

“Being born and raised here for 61 years this sort of sh*t just makes me so sad! We do not have the infrastructure to cater for an already overpopulated country town as it is but still greed will create another Ghetto full of anger, crime and people that will more than likely not fit in this town and its wide open country appeal. The end result is that more locals will want to move out of the area as we are sick and tired of the traffic jams, vandalism, sirens and general lack of personal safety that has caused this town to become another victim of the corporate greed.” – Garry, Email

I like it, probably should have been 60 dwelling instead, bit bigger each. Need lights at intersection. But heading up Clifton to other bridge ain’t bad either. As a person looking to buy/building in the next few years I like the idea of affordable housing that’s not in the Underbank floodplains. – Joshua, Facebook

“We are building in the area for the purposes of not living in an area like Werribee. This is such disappointing news as we start to build this year. 
With a pandemic of highly contagious covid, this really should provide a severe concern of high density living. High density should remain in the metro suburbs, close to train stations and shopping centres. This site is NOT within walking access to either.
If the area will predominantly be aging population over 70yo, then perhaps an aged care facility would be ideal otherwise please develop to suit the area with larger block sizes. Some basic shops would be great at this site to and save traffic heading down to the Main Street for essential milk and bread. 
I am strongly opposed to high density living living!” – Cristina, Email

If you would like to have you say either support or opposing the development, you can email with reference number PA2020185.

Author: Dev