Land opposite the Bacchus Marsh Vet has been the subject of a planning permit to allow 75 new dwellings in Bacchus Marsh.

Broken down into 6 types of dwellings, the planning permit shows the applicant 101 Gisborne West Pty Ltd, has requested approval for single and double storey dwellings.

Type 1 – 22x 2 bedroom, single storey with single garage.
Type 2 – 9x 3 bedroom units with double garage.
Type 3 – 26x 3 bedroom dwelling with double garage.
Type 4 – 2x 2 bedroom single story dwelling
Type 5 – 10x 2 bedroom double storey dwelling
Type 6 – 6x 3 bedroom double storey dwelling

Overall, there are 34 two bedroom dwellings provided across the site which equates to 45% of the total
development yield.

“The Bacchus Marsh to 2041 notes that there will be a significant population demand between 2021 to 2031
of between 11,800 to 13,600 and a further 14,500 at least by 2041. The strategy also notes that there will
be an approximate 157% increase in persons aged over 70 during that period”

The Proposal

(As quoted directly from the planning permit application.)

The proposal involves the staged development of the land for seventy five (75) townhouse dwellings,
construction of associated roads and staged subdivision of the land including the creation of a future high
density superlot and creation/variation to easements. The development is designed as an owners
corporation arrangement and all communal spaces will be managed by the owners corporation.
Unfettered access is proposed for the general public and no gates or restrictions will be imposed.
The development will comprise a range of varied dwelling typologies to respond to the housing
requirements of the site as sought under the various strategic planning policies and in response to the
varying interfaces of the site including six (6) different product types with two and three bedroom dwellings
In addition to the above, it is expected that the houses will be able to be delivered at a price achieving
affordable housing thresholds and enabling fist home buyers and lower income households to purchase in
an area that is close to services and the town centre.

The Response

“Bunnings would have been better” – Ben, Facebook

“Everyone needs to put in your comments against the planning change to the shire, especially with traffic,no comments they assume we are happy with the changes” – Allison, Facebook

“Greedy developers, cramming in as many houses as possible into a small space. Not suitable for a regional town” – Lisa, Facebook

“Times have changed for the Marsh moved here all most 40 year ago not so much country town anymore I still enjoy living here” – Ted, Facebook

“It’s otherwise unused, empty space, what would you rather have them do with it? As long as the servo or food places sells a decent cup of coffee for me in the morning then by all means build it.” – Collin, Facebook

“Time to move to the country they said” – Nikki, Facebook

You can see more detail about the planned subdivision here.

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Author: Dev