With only 4 hours left to midnight, Moorabool Online is delivering on it’s promise to share our TOP 4 most viewed stories of 2020.

If you missed 10 through to 5, you can see them here.

Ok, here we are. The Top 4.

No 4 – Police roadblock on Western Fwy at Hopetoun Park

Story from July 9, 2020
It was suggested that Melbourne Metro would lock down and road blocks would be in place. The following day, Melbourne’s lockdown took everyone by surprise with major roadblocks on major arterials including the Western Highway at Hopetoun Park, before moving to Bacchus Marsh/ Merrimu exit a few days later.

No 3 – 4 arrested after Melton Police pelted with bottles

Story from September 16, 2020
A community fed up with lockdowns and a gathering at a Harkness football oval turned violent when Police arrived. Police were pelted with bottle and rocks as they tried to disperse the group.

This event was covered by national news outlets and painted a very dark picture of Melton to those looking in.

No 2 – COVID19 closes Melton Secondary College, shops & childcare

Story from December 11, 2020
There was two stories very close together about this crash. Both made the Top 10, but we’ve only included it once.
It started as an accident on busy Grant St, but quickly turned into tragedy as the rider involved dies on the way to hospital.

Brandon North’s death shook the entire Bacchus Marsh community and message of support and donations totaling over $5,000 were pledged to help his Brother and Sister arrange a fitting funeral.

No 1 – COVID19 closes Melton Secondary College, shops & childcare

Story from July 29, 2020
Another COVID Story. It seems fitting that a year dominated by COVID19 and the top news article is related to COVID.

It was late July and COVID19 was taking a grip of Victoria. Lockdowns were at their most brutal and the way forward looked bleak at best.

Then we got news of two cases of COVID linked and confirmed to Woodgrove. Facebook groups went into meltdown and so did the Moorabool Online website. Within 5 minutes of posting the story, the influx of people visiting the story crashed our website.

This story, wasn’t just the most popular, it was the clear winner with over 80% more visits than any other post.

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