Fireworks are the most common reason dogs escape on new years night. Loud noises tend to scare dogs and other animals.

Tabcorp Park in Melton have fireworks scheduled at midnight, but as is the same every year, there will be illegal fireworks out in public streets too…

So what advice can we take to ease the stress on our furbabies?

  • Keep your pets inside.
  • Setup a safe place for them to hide if thy feel the need.
  • Stay home and comfort them at midnight. Seeing you relaxed and stress free will aid them.
  • Keep them busy with toys or a treat.
  • Use background music or TV to help mask the sounds outside.
  • Ensure they are wearing a collar with a contact phone number.
  • Update microchips and ID tags.
  • Take a current photo of your pets to help identify them if required.

If you are going out tonight to bring in the new year, you can try and place your pets with friends or family to help reduce their stress.

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Author: Dev