Ok, we get that this one isn’t exactly a local story, but it’s a great one…

KFC is releasing a gaming console.

Widely considered to be a hoax, the KFConsole has many people talking with one of the strangest design elements being a built in chicken warmer.

Thats right… a chamber which you can keep your chicken warm!

The KFConsole was first announced in June, with many believing it to be a hoax or a clever advertising strategy, until KFC confirmed the news.

This gaming console isn’t just a quick cash grab either. It is said to rival and even out perform the PS5 and XBOX Series X.

Features include a hot swappable graphics card, an Intel NUC 9 Extreme CPU and two Seagate 1TB SSD.

So there you have it… 2020 has produced a shock that doesn’t include the words global pandemic or COVID.

Well done KFC.