Covering the news can sometimes take us in a different direction. This years news has been dominated by wildfires, global pandemics, lockdowns and crime.

We wanted to take some time out to take a look back at some of the strange, fun, interesting or weird stories that we’ve published in this wacky 2020 year.

Number 10: PHOTOS: Who is Bacchus Marsh’s Batman?

Story from June 9
During the grips of a global pandemic, one man decided enough was enough… Batman. Batman made an appearance at Maddingley Park and the Bacchus Marsh train station.

The Batman was later identified as entertainer Paul Rizzo. See that story with more pics and a video here.

Number 9 – The cat that came back 8 years later

Story from September 20
Losing a beloved family pet can be a horrible experience. A Melton woman has been given the surprise of her life, after a cat that vanished 8 years ago reappeared at the Moorabool animal pound.

Number 8 – Brimbank Highway patrol aint afraid of no ghost

Story from December 12
Every time we receive details about an impound or a stolen vehicle in the local area, we generally run a story. This particular one had a very distinctive number plate, so we ran with it and had a bit of fun with it.

Number 7: Bacchus Marsh police investigate theft of entire rose garden

Story from December 10
Seriously… Who steals roses? Well, it seems someone does after a full garden worth of roses was stolen from St Andrews Church. The good news is however, they were returned a few days later. Seems the thief has a conscience especially when theres media attention.

Number 6 – 10-year-old Melton Waves hero honoured

Story from August 3
Not all our memorable stories are wacky. This one is a really touching story about a heroic 10-year girl who saved a swimmer at Melton Waves.

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