Welcome back for Part 2 of our top 10 look back at some of the strange, fun, interesting or weird stories that we’ve published in this wacky 2020 year.

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Lets continue the countdown.

Number 5 – Video: Kangaroo cause traffic chaos, then heads to Bacchus Marsh Maccas

Story from October 3
Yes, you read the headline correctly. While it is common to see kangaroos around Bacchus Marsh, it’s a pretty rare side in the middle of town. Social media loved this one.

Number 4 – Ballan Spoonville is experiencing population boom

Story from September 10
This one made the list simply because we had so much fun with it. Interviewing ‘Karen Spoon’ and ‘Dr Evil Spoon’ has to be the highlight of my journalistic career

Number 3 – COVID19 mask rule cause local run on elastic

Story from August 3
I bet this headline was never used before 2020. Turns out that a global pandemic and strict Melbourne’s strict face mask rules caused elastic shortages… As well as toilet paper and food…

Number 2 – Police at Moorabool checkpoint fine man in boot

Story from September 5
Another COVID related story, but this one made us chuckle in a you can’t be serious kind of way.

Police a the Moorabool freeway checkpoint fined a man hiding in the boot of a car for trying to enter Moorabool without permission. Really?

Number 1 – Blunt message carved into Myrniong paddock

Story from July 30
Ausnet’s proposed transmission line project has caused so much angst within Moorabool that one local farmer took to his mower to get his message across. ‘Piss Off Ausnet’ has got to be one our favorite photos of the year.

There you have it… the top 10 Stories of strange, fun, interesting or weird stories that we’ve published in this wacky 2020 year.

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