First of all, We would like to thank you all for making our first 6 months memorable. Moorabool Online launched in May and has since had over 800,000 actions on our website! Amazing!

We’ve covered a massive amount of news in 2020 in the Ballarat, Moorabool and Melton areas.

So what have been the top stories of 2020? We’ll cover them over the next 3 days.

No 10 – Ausnet release ‘area of interest’

Story from June 16, 2020
The Power pylon fight certainly heated up over 2020. With Ausnet planning to install 80m pylons from Melbourne to Bulgana (near Ararat). Bacchus Marsh has fought this proposal hard and will continue to fight in to 2021.

No 9 – 5 injured after truck from alleged burglary flees police and crashes

Story from October 29, 2020
An man in an allegedly stolen truck caused chaos and injuries to 5 people after her struck a civilian car.

No 8 – New COVID case in Moorabool, First since March

Story from July 12, 2020
COVID19, the global pandemic made 2020 become the year of isolation, quarantine and lockdown. Moorabool had cases early on, but managed to get through five months of no infections.

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Thank you again for an amazing start for Moorabool Online!

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