Stuck for a local gift this Christmas?

Maybe you’re after a gift for yourself after a challenging 2020?

Ballan author Tor Roxburgh has come up with a journal to help mark how you – or people you know – survived a year that was born in bushfires, lashed by COVID19 and ended with a scarred economy.

Once filled out, ‘And That’s How it Went’ is a record of history that can inspire future generations.

The book is full of creative prompts, questions and interesting tidbits of world news about the year that was. This a Ballan-book that would suit anyone across Australia – or the world.

“I wanted something for my family, so they could see how we experienced 2020,” Ms Roxburgh said.

“So much has happened: The bushfires, race relations and the pandemic.

“This has been an important and significant year in our lives.

“I thought: ‘why not make a retrospective catch-up journal?’”

The journal traces the year week-by-week, but if January 2020 feels like a lifetime ago, don’t worry. Tor said modern technology made it easier to prompt a recall of events – and evoke what was going through your mind at that instant.

“It’s easy to look back and remember what you were doing on a certain day or in a certain week. You can look at your calendar or phone or Google timeline.

“You can see what you were doing and record what you were thinking at that time.

“Some of the biggest events of the century so far have happened this year.”

The book is now for sale at the Fabulous Flowers florist, giftshop and café in Ballan.

It can also be purchased via Amazon delivery in Australia.

For delivery in the United States, you can use a separate Amazon link.

“I’m doing a second book for 2021, which you can fill out at the time things are happening. It’ll be available soon,.” Ms Roxbugh said.

Ms Roxburgh has been writing fiction and non-fiction for decades – and has a long history writing teenage romance novels. She has written Dolly magazine-branded novels and tackled topics like family violence, sexual assault and youth homelessness.

You can see more of Tor Roxburgh’s work via her website and newsletter, Facebook page or Instagram.

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