Everyone always has the best of intentions when it comes to starting down the path of achieving their goals.

Nobody ever has the intentions of giving up or letting their goals slide down on their priority list, but it does happen.

Why is that? Because habits beat good intentions.

Habits are what humans follow, we are habitual creatures that have routines built into our lifestyles that we do everyday.

So how do you turn your good intentions into the results you’re after before your goals slide down on the priority list and you start putting other things first in life?

– What is your goal?
– Break it down from your big milestone into smaller goals.
Example: I want to lose 50kgs by Christmas 2021.

10kgs by March
20kgs by June
35kgs by September
50kgs by December

– Understanding your reason to change is so important. What is your WHY? Why do you want to achieve your goal?
Once you can link the emotion and strong reason to change to your goal, it makes it easier to stay consistent in times of de motivation and low energy.

– Identify your current routine

When do I sleep & wake up?
What do I do before work / uni?
Do I have responsibilities with getting dependents ready?
What time do I need to leave the house?
How long am I at work for?
When do I cook?
When do I exercise?


This is where we add look to add in a few simple things that keep the ball rolling consistently.

Where do we do our weekly planning for exercise, shopping & meal prep?

These 3 things are what I call the non-negotiables that have to be done in order to turn these intentions into results.

Other areas you can look to plan is the amount of sleep you get, the amount of water you drink and where you fit in your time for yourself.

These are what form a healthy, balanced lifestyle which allows no restrictive eating, diets & missing out on fun things like functions and social activities whilst working towards your goals.

Remember, it’s not how much you do, but the quality of what you do.
With sleep, exercise, eating a balanced diet of wholefoods and so on, it’s all about how well you do the basics that will turn your intentions into good results.

It’s all well and good if you embark on a fitness journey with good intentions, but if you aren’t getting enough sleep consistently, eating natural ingredients consistently and drinking enough water consistently, you won’t see consistent results.

So focus on the basics of your lifestyle:
Sleeping 7+ hours each night at the same time
Eating a variety of vegetables, fruits, proteins and essential fats
Drinking the same amount of water each day

Not sure where to start?

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Jake Pearson
Author: Jake Pearson