This Fundraiser is available to any child/children living anywhere in Australia aged 5 -17 years who would like to participate and allege their support by becoming an Honored SUPER RAISER MEMBER for Keeley’s Cause. 

You don’t have to have a Disability to become a Super Raisers Member to support Keeley’s Cause.

Membership is free to any child across Australia but must be signed up by a parent.

Each Super Raiser will receive a welcome pack containing a welcome letter, Super Raisers funds tally sheets to record their fundraising and membership certificate to frame or pin on their wall.

Super Raiser t-shirts can be purchased in their age Category names, and Super Raiser photo and ‘I am a Keeley’s Cause Super Raiseron the back. They can wear the T-Shirt when fundraising.

Sharon Murphy said, “If they don’t want to purchase a t-shirt they have the option to wear a cape or a superhero costume when fundraising.”

“If children don’t have a superhero costume they can also be purchases on the Keeley’s Cause website.”

Super Raisers is a fabulous initiative empowering children with or without disabilities to learn to pay it forward. To create kindness and more inclusive communities for children with disabilities all while taking on a superhero role. It empowers children to make a difference”

All funds will support children with additional needs to enhance their future outcomes.

To sign up to become a Keely’s Cause Super Raiser, click here.

For more information, you can visit the Keeley’s Cause website.

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