All the supplements listed here are based extensive research that proves these supplements are safe for human consumption.

What are supplements?

A supplement is by definition is meant to add / enhance what we are doing.

What a supplement is not a definition of is a replacement of a meal.

Supplements are used for a wide variety of health benefits, today we’ll be talking about discussing the ones I believe are the best for training enhancements & increasing your bodies recovery & results from exercise.

Now let’s talk the about some of the top supplements out there with research behind them, that will enhance your results from training & boost your recovery.

Whey Protein Isolate & Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein is one of two major milk proteins and although it isn’t a new discovery, the methods have become state of the art in terms of the manufacturing process.

It absorbs faster in greater amounts compared to other proteins.

WPI can enhance strength & lean muscle mass whilst promoting faster recovery and better fat-loss during exercise & training.

Is it safe?

Whilst Whey Proteins have been used in a variety of foods for over 50 years showing minimal toxicity concerns, they have a history of being contaminated, seeing how easily they can be produced.

Make sure to read the labels on the packaging and look for supplements with as little ingredients as possible.

When should you take it?

I’d recommend taking pre and post exercise – from my experience, I’ve always taken it within 30 minutes of starting my intense weight training sessions or my intense cardio and having a within 30 minutes post exercise.

You may start with half a scoop to start with and build up consistently to taking a full scoop, that’s what I did when I was getting used to supplements.

Omega 3 Supplements

What do I mean by omega 3 supplements? I’m talking about the plant oil flax-seed & the crushed seed flax meal.

Omega 3 is responsible for helping the body with efficient transformation of nutrition into cells and waste-products out of cells.

It also plays a fantastic role in reducing inflammation in all tissues to promote better fat metabolism, cell regeneration & energy production.

Humans generally have an Omega 6 – Omega 3 imbalance sometimes up to 16:1

“An omega-6 to omega-3 ratio that is too high may contribute to excess inflammation in the body, potentially raising the risk of various diseases.”

FACT: The EPA component of Omega 3 Supplements is also shown to preserve your muscle mass.

This means that we can potentially slow down the muscle loss process as we age ( between 30-60, the average adult will lose 7kgs of muscle and put on 15kgs of fat) and preserve our muscle & strength that goes along with it.

Is it safe?  There are no toxicity concerns with Omega-3, but because omega 3 fatty acids are obtained from natural sources, levels in supplements can vary depending on the source and how they were processed.

When should you take it?  Take it with your meals, the oil and the crushed meal can be sprinkled or drizzled across your meals for full effectiveness.

I personally use the oil on meals and salads and use the crushed powder through my yoghurt & fruit mix!

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Jake Pearson
Author: Jake Pearson