Djerriwarrh Health & Western Health amalgamation survey

Djerriwarrh Health Services and Western Health are asking the community to have their say about the voluntary amalgamation of the two health services.

The survey asks questions about what you think is the most vital health service required as well as what is important to you and your family.

You can have your say about the voluntary amalgamation here.

The survey will run for two weeks with Tuesday 8 December being the cutoff day at 11:59pm.

The findings will be reported back as part of a virtual public meeting mid-December.

This survey take around 3-5 minutes.

Moorabool Policing Survey

Moorabool along with Hepburn and Golden Plains shires are also seeking community input about Policing in the area.

We’re asking residents of the Moorabool, Hepburn and Golden Plains communities to let us know about your key safety ideas, and your trust and confidence in your local police.

The survey will give residents a greater voice in Victoria Police’s ongoing efforts to create a safer Victoria. Residents will have the opportunity to be involved in informing police engagement in your area.

This survey is also very quick, with an estimated 2-4 minutes to complete.

The Policing survey will be open until December 18.

The policing survey is available here.

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