Melton has been in the news recently – with Australia’s largest Amazon distribution facility due to be set up at Ravenhall.

The ‘fulfilment centre’ will create 200 construction jobs and 300 more when it’s up and running.

So it’s no surprise that while news of Amazon is in the area, so too are scam callers pretending to be from Amazon.

The Ballan Computers team has been asked about this one more than any other scam in recent times.

The scamer will usually ring your home, business or mobile phone. You will hear a recorded message saying your Amazon account is due for automatic renewal and it will prompt you to talk to an ‘account manager’.

If you end up talking to this person, they will try and activate their scam. Normally it involves a ‘refund’ or bank details.

They will ask for personal details such as name, address etc.

It is important that you DO NOT engage with the person on the other end of the line.

Amazon WILL NOT call clients. If you do have an Amazon account and you would like to check your details, make the call yourself so you contact the correct department.

The scam is a well known scam in the US and UK where Amazon has a strong name and a lot of clients. It is relatively new to Australia.

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