Mental Health is something that can affect anyone, no matter their age, gender, nationality, or cultural background. But for some reason, I didn’t think I suffered with mental health challenges when I was high school, even as I turned 20 years old.

Upon a great deal of reflection, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been living with low self-esteem & anxiety since I was 10 years old, living with the imprints of my family, friends, peers & teachers w all my schooling life which has shaped me into the young business owner I am today.

I’ve been very fortunate to use fitness as a way to combat a lot of my self esteem issues and have really changed my perception of myself from an unintelligent introvert to a confident, intelligent & charismatic extrovert with very clear goals in life.

Alongside helping people create a holistic & healthy lifestyle for themselves, I’ve really taken my approach towards the mental health aspect, sharing my battles with anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression & low self esteem with my clients & podcast audience.

Mental health is an extremely important topic that I am incredibly passionate about having dealt with it for majority of my life, I still live with anxiety and imposter syndrome, but I can proudly say that I’ve learnt to live with them, manage them and even use them as positives to shape the person I am becoming.

I think there is a lot of good that can come from improving ones habits surrounding exercise, diet, sleep & practicing mindfulness and gratitude in ones life, as they will lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and allow us to form healthy management strategies for out mental health as we discover more about who we are and what our triggers are.

My passion for giving back & helping others with their mental health has extended to becoming a Co-Founder in a non for profit, Mental Health Centre Australia with my good friend Nicholas Allen.

Our mission is to simply reduce the stigma around mental health & make mental health care more accessible for all Australians, which I am immensely proud to be apart of.

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A few tips I would recommend for anyone looking to connect more with their physical health to aid their mental health would be;

** Create a weekly exercise routine that isn’t unrealistic for you to commit to, whether it’s going walking with a friend twice a week, completing some home workouts 3 times a week or attending training sessions with a PT.

** When you think about food, being open minded and trying new things will enhance your variety and create curiosity, this will help you create a lifestyle full of colorful foods that encourage benefits such as weight loss and helping with hormone imbalances.

** Be accountable to a friend, family member or colleague in a way that will keep you working towards creating these healthy habits.

** Practice gratitude. What are you grateful for each and every day? I recommend telling yourself this each and every single morning & evening, or when times are a little harder during the day.

** Lastly, remember that there is no failure in life, only feedback which serves to guide us to be better versions of ourselves.

Mental Health Centre Australia is hosting a free online workshop via zoom this Saturday the 7th of November at 12pm ‘Let’s talk about suicide’ to bring more awareness to how you can recognize behaviors & thought patterns of those around you who may be suffering

We’d love to see you there.

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