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A family including eight ducklings is settling in at their temporary home: the Bacchus Marsh public swimming pool.

The outdoor facility is not expected to open until December, but in the meantime, it’s become a nursery for the eight rather cute fluffballs and their parents, who return each year to take advantage of the empty pool, plenty of grass and secure surroundings.

Volunteers from BADGAR – as well as Moorabool Council staff – have been looking out for the native Maned Wood Ducks and a bamboo ramp has been placed in the water to help the little ones get out.

Photo: Ashlie

“The mum has found some way of getting under or around the pool fence – we’re not sure where,” BADGAR’s Donna Zabinskas said.

“No one is hassling them in the pool and I think they’d feel safe there.

“The Council have been really good in assisting us with this.”

The mum, dad and eight ducklings have been spotted around Peppertree Park and the nearby Werribee River – and are fast becoming local celebrities.

Chenonetta jubata is a species found in wetlands and coastal bays across Australia and Tasmania. The males have a dark head and small dark mane, while females are lighter in colour.

They prefer to forage on land – rather than in the water – and eat grasses, herbs, clover and insects.

They mate for life and nest in tree hollows above or near water, often re-using the same site.

The ducklings are expected to be gone from the Bacchus Marsh pool within a month.

** For help with injured wildlife, call BADGAR on 1300 223 427.

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