Are you wondering about employment in the wake of COVID19? What about the destruction of the Moorabool landscape and environment we came here to enjoy?

Central ward candidate Julia Grainger says protecting our natural environment, inspiring tourists to come to our region and attracting high-level events to Moorabool will stimulate our local economy.

“We live in a beautiful part of Victoria – but it’s not going to stay beautiful if we continue to have projects that have a detrimental effect on the land,” the Beremboke woman said.

“Unfortunately this community now lives in a situation where some precedents have been set and it’s going to prove that bit tougher and harder to negate future projects of similar natures because it’s inevitable they’ll come.

“On the topic of toxic soil, I’m really worried that the horse may have bolted on the issue – and that our Shire may be left with little option but to have to deal with it.

“It’s never a good sign when decisions are made and permits granted without Council being advised.

“If elected, I will proactively work to continue to challenge and oppose the issues of dumping toxic soil and any other future project that threatens to degrade the amenity.”

Julia said she felt the battle against 500kV overhead transmission lines across the Shire would be long and hard.

“My concern is that our area will now be viewed as a energy corridor, which will attract more infrastructure projects of similar ilk,” she said.

“I’m firmly opposed against the above ground transmission towers.

“However I’d like to add that should the transmission lines be placed underground, then that will create a whole new set of new issues and problems for our community to deal with and manage.

“If we don’t protect our amenity and preserve what we have, what’s going to be left for the future?

“What about future generations? What are they going inherit?”

The central ward candidate said agricultural land should be valued and retained.

“When projects (like the transmission lines) are given the go-ahead or areas are subdivided for high-density living, then they usually make use of agricultural land – meaning agriculture gets pushed further and further out.

“People living in urban areas become further distanced from their ‘food bowls’ and an understanding of where their food comes from as well as how it is produced.

Julia is also passionate about tourism and events to create meaningful local employment.

“If we don’t take steps to protect the natural amenity that we have, we lose our ability to attract visitors and retain residents.

“The resulting effect will be a damaged local economy, compromised ability to continue farming, as well as destruction of native species and habitats.”

Ms Grainger said we were fortunate to be so close to the metropolitan area, but we couldn’t afford to lose the elements that made the region so unique to day-trippers, campers and cyclists.

“My plan to support local business and create employment would be to develop a rolling calendar of events – major and local – to attract visitors and encourage them to stay for the duration of the event,” she said.

“They will require services such as accommodation, food and beverages.

“On top of that, local retail will also benefit, as visitors and tourists shop for local goods.”

She said she was aware of a plan to put motorsports at the former Fiskville training centre, “but there are also other types of events such as cycling, cross-country and horse events that could be held in the Shire and would be equally as lucrative.”

Ms Grainger has a wealth of experience working in media and management at some of the biggest events in Australia.

These include the Royal Melbourne Show and Adelaide’s Womad world music event.

She has also worked with a range of metro Councils to deliver successful community events.

“I believe my event experience holds me in good stead to deliver this for Moorabool.”

Julia said if she was honoured by locals to be selected as their councillor, her plan would include:

** Talking with locals about the sort of events they would like to see in the Shire,

** Engaging with local businesses for their input,

** Taking steps to attract major events that make use of our natural wonders and wide open spaces,

** Set up a multi-function venue space for major events,

** Explore opportunities for new community events.

“To do this, we need to create compelling reasons for people to come to Moorabool,” she said.

“This is why preservation of our natural amenity must be protected at all costs.”

Six key elements form the basis of my campaign for the Moorabool Shire Council, Central Ward election. The second one…

Posted by Grainger for Central Ward, Moorabool Shire Council on Monday, 5 October 2020

** If you have not received a ballot pack by Friday October 16, contact the temporary VEC office in Graham St, Bacchus Marsh.

Postal voting closes at 6pm on Friday October 23.

The Central Moorabool ward includes Ballan, Pentland Hills, Mt Wallace, Rowsley, Beremboke, Parwan and Balliang East.

Authorized by VJ Grainger, 14 Camerons Lane, Beremboke 3342.

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Main image: Julia Grainger at Beremboke with rescue dog ‘Dolly’

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