Lal Lal locals have come up with a novel way of borrowing books… and jigsaws… and magazines.. and DVDs.

They’ve created their own street library.

The freestanding glass-fronted box was the brainchild of Lal Lal Primary principal Siobhan Gosney and was built by school grandparent and Yendon man Doug Bailey.

After six months of planning and permits, the treated-pine, glass-fronted box has been erected outside the Lal Lal Hall.

Within 10-days anonymous donors had quickly filled it up with children’s books, novels, puzzles and copies of the Buninyong & District Community News.

“All these donations have mysteriously appeared – many of them are brand new books. It’s wonderful,” Ms Gosney said.

“We even have a Spoonville that’s appeared underneath.”

You can also borrow the official Lal Lal Primary Recipe Book – a folder of meal ideas contributed by students and families.

Mt Egerton also has its own street library – and Ms Gosney said people borrowing from there were welcome to take their books back to Lal Lal, and vice versa, to keep titles circulating.

It comes after a municipal mobile library services at Lal Lal and Yendon ceased several years ago.

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