Scammers claiming that victims’ bank accounts have been compromised have managed to secure local ‘5367’ and ‘5368’ phone numbers.

Calls of this nature were targeting Ballan and Bacchus Marsh a couple of weeks ago and it is happening again today (Tuesday).

Tech experts at Ballan Computers said the way telcos provided phone numbers made it is possible for ‘hijackers’ to take control of a number – giving the appearance of calls coming from down the road instead of overseas.

“The current bank scam targetting the area is automated,” IT expert Nathan Dunlop said.

“If you get this call, it’s best to simply hang up.

“If you do talk with this caller its imperative that you contact your bank immediately.”

If you think your computer has been compromised, contact the team at Ballan Computers on 03 5368 2611.

The Ballan Computers team can check your computer for security flaws and malware.

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