For those in need of hospital care, Melton Hospital could be a major boost. Currently, Moorabool residents are able to get medical assistance at Melton Health, Bacchus Marsh Hospital, Ballan Health or Ballarat Hospital.

The best equipped hospital for Moorabool residents is Ballarat hospital or Sunshine hospital.

Now, the fight for a hospital to be built in Melton is a step closer and that is only good news for residents and the economy in the area.

A new report released today has found that Melton Hospital would add $300 million to the regions economy and create 375 construction jobs.

Former state premier, Steve Bracks, has urged the Andrews government to acquire land at Cobblebank. Coblebank is well connected to rail and freeway networks and would be an ideal place for Melton Hospital.

Mr Bracks said, “Melbourne’s outer west critically needs more jobs and Melton critically needs better access to health care, and a hospital addresses both of those issues.”

“In addition, positioning the hospital within Melton’s Cobblebank Metropolitan Activity Centre will attract substantial investment in a range of industries and unlock the potential for 22,000 jobs.”

The new hospital when complete, will create almost 3,825 jobs and have 250 beds for patients.

Mr Bracks said “It can be build by 2026 if the government reserves the land.”

The population of Melton now is approximately 172,000. It is estimated to reach 330,000 by 2026.

Melton Mayor Lara Carli said “The hospital will trigger major investment and jobs growth in justice, health, education, retail, recreation, and more. This is critically important in Melton where 80 per cent of our professional workforce leaves the municipality for work.

“It’s also exciting to see the Victorian Government’s business case progressing and we hope the urgency to acquire land for the hospital can be recognised in the upcoming state budget.”

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