A Grade 1 Coimadai Primary School student has put pen to paper, asking Daniel Andrews to prevent the dumping of toxic soil on the edge of Bacchus Marsh.

Spencer Holowko-Green has asked the Premier to take the PFAS-contaminated soil “to a safer spot”.

Mum Nicole knew nothing about the letter until she read it in the school newsleter.

“I’m so proud of him,” she said.

“In fact, I’m proud of the whole class. Quite a few of the kids wrote letters like this.”

Nicole said Spencer had been coming home to Maddingley, talking about Growling Grass Frogs, which have been recorded next to the proposed dump site on Bacchus Marsh’s southern outskirts.

“The issue has really sunk in for Spencer. I can see that’s he’s really interested in it,” she said.

Photo: Nicole

“Coimadai has been an good school for him.”

Nicole praised the school of just 69 students and Spencer’s Year 1/2 teacher Laura Sundqvist for nurturing his interest in the environment and the future.

It comes three weeks after a 16-year-old Myrniong girl got up at 3am after a sleepless night and wrote an 1800-word letter to the Prime Minister regarding overhead powerlines.

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Dear Mr Andrews,

I strongly believe that the toxic soil from the Westgate Tunnel should NOT be dumped in Bacchus Marsh.

Firstly, the endangered Growling Grass Frog lives very close to the dumping area. The poison could kill the frogs!

Secondly, the Parwan River runs through the dumping area. It can carry the poison to the farms where we grow our food.

Finally, hundreds of trucks will be driving along the Avenue of Honour day and night. This will ruin a beautiful part of our town.

We do not want the toxic soil here. Please dump it somewhere safer.

Spencer Holowko-Green

Year 1

Coimadai Primary School

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Main image: Spencer Holowko-Green. Photo Nicole

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