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I’m outraged and disappointed by the testing system in our state of Victoria.

We run a small domestic construction business in Metropolitan Melbourne and reside in Regional Vic.

Late Friday night, we were informed by our employee who is in close contact with us every day has had confirmation that his sister in-law whom he lives with has tested positive.

She is an aged care worker located in Melton. (And only just learning now that it is the same aged care of which my grandfather had died at earlier in the week, we can’t get any answers and will probably never know if it was due to COVID).

She hasn’t been informed by DHHS that she has tested positive. The confirmation of a positive test was by a one liner message from her employer that she has tested positive. She has not been contacted any further for contract tracing purposes.

We have attempted to be tested through the Melton drive through testing site and another close contact, has attempted to be tested at Hoppers Crossing testing site on Saturday morning. Both have been refused testing because we are not showing symptoms. We have been told to not self-isolate and continue to work and go about our day.

At one of the testing sites my husband was told that his worker probably won’t be tested either and has advised him to tell him to lie and say that he has a sore throat to ensure that he is tested BUT not to worry you don’t have to isolate. If he turns out positive then you should isolate.

We are doing the right thing despite the directions that have been advised, we are isolating until we get our employees results.

After speaking with our childcare provider this morning following their COVID policy, the CC worker has shared a similar story from the same testing site. Her brother a factory worker had a team member test positive was told not to come back to work until they were tested and cleared.

Went to get tested and was once again refused and unable to return to work for 14 days. Businesses have been forced to shut their doors, individuals are suffering mentally and financially through Stage 4. What the hell is going on? We are suffering because of this disgraceful system, and mismanagement from our government.

In my opinion, if this is how it’s being dealt with, stage 4 won’t work and we will continue to see more hardship and death from this already disastrous year we have had. What a mess…..

Sent in by a Resident in Moorabool who wishes to remain anonymous.

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