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COVID-19 has caused many workers to switch from and office to a home office. There are some major benefits to working from home, but there is a also some  major issues.

Working from home means there is a higher chance of a security breach from a home based computer as users are sharing more files and sensitive information via e-mail.

Many Australian businesses are not sufficiently setup to secure their data from a remote location such as staff homes.

It is important that security protocols are created in your business and that your staff abide by them.

Here are 5 simple ways you may be able to increase your security without spending thousands.

Set Boundaries.

If you have the ability to stop other members of your home using your work devices, you should do so. This includes, laptops, tablets, phones etc.

Other users can install unwanted programs or malware when you’re not using the computer. This could put your data and sensitive information at risk,

If this is not possible and your kids / partner must use your computer, create a separate profile and make sure it’s a guest account, not an admin account.

Update, Update Update.

Updating your software or apps on your devices is critical. Everyday new flaws are found in software and everyday those flaws are patched. In 2019, around 60% of data breaches involved outdated software.

The longer you delay an update, the longer you’re allowing a vulnerability to be exploited. Update your Apps, update your operating system, update your anti-virus. Do it now.

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Separate Personal & Work

If you have a work computer and a home computer, use them that way. Keep only your work computer for work.

If you share your home & work computer, create a user profile for each to add a layer of security.

When logged in to social media whilst working, users are more likely to communicate via this method as its quick and easy. This however can create issues if anyone in the company has a data breach.

Use two factor authentication

One of the quickest ways to boost security, is to turn on two factor authentication. It ads a second layer of security to your login, therefore making it less likely to have a security breach.

Two factor authentication may require an SMS code or email to confirm a login attempt before the login is successful.

If your password is compromised, two factor authentication is normally enough to stop a successful breach.

Keep vigilant and watch out for scams.

COVID-19 scams have cost Australians over $1m since the start of the pandemic. Scammers are using a multitude of methods to try and separate users and businesses from their hard earned income.

Scams are designed to play on a user’s insecurity to deliver its message or payload.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, scams volume has increased. Many scams are now circulating trying to take advantage of the pandemic. Read more about Coronavirus scams here.

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