Art department staff at Bacchus Marsh Grammar have helped some of their youngest students adjust to life after lockdown by creating a ‘Grandpa Tree’ at the Maddingley campus.

The mature tree was a central feature in the playground before COVID-19 and has now been transformed into a place to stimulate imagination, play and to develop friendships.

“Prior to school resuming, the tree was transformed with colourful knitting and little creatures to provide a focal point where students can interact – including writing messages and drawing pictures to pin onto the tree,” art teacher Lou Callow said.

“This is a subtle and meaningful ritual for our students to reconnect with their sense of belonging to the school community.

“Students had the opportunity to write a message about what they have missed about school and / or what excites them about coming back.”

Other trees and significant locations at each campus have also been ‘embellished with surprises’ to put a smile on both staff and students’ faces.

Ms Callow was also the artistic brains behind what is now the Steptoes Op Shop building in Ballan.

Pitcher Perfect Antennas

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