Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour
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By now, most people in Bacchus Marsh know about the plan to bring soil from the West Gate tunnel project to the leafy food bowl.

In recent days, we have seen an increase in posts and activity trying to protect the Avenue of Honour from increased truck usage.

Many food businesses reside in the Avenue of Honour and soil from the West Gate tunnel project could mean these businesses could be directly contaminated by soil from the big rigs.

But now, we have been sent an email by a concerned resident in the Eynesbury area. They say truck usage on Exford Rd has dramatically increased, and its trucks carrying soil.

We know soil is being ferried from the Southern Cross Station construction, so the soil that in coming is deemed safe, however, it does show an alternative route to Maddingley Brown Coal. A route that goes past Exford Primary School.

“There’s a roundabout being constructed at the intersection of Geelong Rd and Parwan-Exford Rd. This supports theory that more trucks will be turning right on a major road.” The resident who wishes to remain anonymous said.

The truck entry to Maddingley Coal Mine is just 1km from the roundabout described.

So, does this make sense? Will the PFAS contaminated soil actually avoid the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour by travelling this alternative route?

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Author: Dev