Bacchus Marsh woman Sarah Cafferkey should have been celebrating her 30th birthday today (Sat 20 June).

It’s now been almost eight years since her disappearance turned out to be in fact, murder.

Mum Noelle Dickson says Sarah was a person “who never threw anything out”, leaving the world with a valuable record of what she thought, felt and experienced.

She is now sharing diaries pages revealing the 22-year-old’s innermost thoughts about a volatile long-term relationship she was trying to break away from.

This was how Sarah described being verbally abused, three weeks before her death:

I want you to take a moment to really consider what it would be like to feel totally worthless, useless, un-appreciated and un-valued.

What it would be like if the people around you made you feel as though your life is not worth living and are a mere piece of dirt for people to walk over.

What gives you the right to prey on the weak, who have a temporary lapse in strength?

What makes you so special, you’ve made mistakes.

Not every one has close mates, family or a good environment to fall back on.

Not everyone has someone by their side telling them not to worry, they are beautiful and that things will get better.

Truly stop and think about the way you treat people, not the way you treat your mates but the way you treat People and how that will affect that persons life…

The only reason you were able to move on from the mistakes you made is because I chose to forgive you.

I chose to see the good in you, instead of constantly focusing and reminding you of the bad decisions you made once upon a time.

I chose to put the time into your life to make sure you knew the world goes on, everyone makes mistakes and that you deserve another chance…

I put a lot of time and trust in you…

I am an amazing beautiful human being with an ever more wonderful caring soul.

I haven’t done anything you or your best mate haven’t done so grow up and give those close-minded insults a rest.

There are better things in life to enjoy, than you continually abusing me.

Noelle also found a birthday letter – written in verse – and in Sarah’s favourite colour: pink.

The letter (in full below) shows humour, warmth and Sarah’s bubbly personality:

The New Year’s approaching pretty freaking fast,

Bringing new opportunities and a fresh start at last.

But before we jump into a brand new year,

There’s one more special day TOTALLY dedicated to you Mumma Bear!…

You’re such a strong woman with so much to give,

Honestly without you Mum I don’t know how I’d live

Memorial in Maddingley Park Bacchus Marsh

With thanks to Noelle Dickson.

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