More than 300 locals have registered at a Myrniong community session to collect information about a 190km-long 80m-high proposed powerline across the region.

Organisers ran out of forms by the end of Saturday’s event, which was held across four hours in a ‘drop-in’ format to comply with COVID19 restrictions.

Spokesperson Emma Muir said she received calls from as far as Lexton, while others turned up in person from Clarkes Hill, Coimadai and Rowsley.

She said among them was comedian Steve Curry (Dale Kerrigan from ‘The Castle’) whose family owned property in the affected area.

“I think the general feeling here today was that people don’t want this transmission line. They don’t understand it. They really want to know how it will affect them,” Ms Muir said.

“For example, we’ve been told that farmers won’t be able to use their properties during the 18 months of construction.

“We’ve asked Ausnet about easements across land. They said they didn’t know how big these would be. Others have been told they could be 70-100m wide.

“It looks like there may be one-off compensation for these easements, which would be compulsorily acquired.

“Farmers have also been told aerial spraying and certain types of irrigation can’t be used.”

At the Myrniong session, every landowner who received a letter about potential Ausnet pylons was asked to pinpoint their property on a large map (pictured below).

Organisers said an unknown number of landowners were contacted last week, with some given vague and conflicting information.  

It is understood 60 to 100 owners could be affected by the proposed Sydenham-to-Bulgana route.

Ausnet’s ‘area of interest’ through the Moorabool Shire – Image

“A lot of people who turned up said they were representing their elderly parents,” Ms Muir said.

“They say this is a green project to deliver clean energy, but how green are these huge-scale towers across the landscape?”

According to Ausnet the transmission line should be finished by 2025.

Community consultation as well as environmental, social and heritage investigations will take place between now and mid-2021.  

Check out the project website here

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