Online Puppy Scam
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Who looks at a photo of a puppy and doesn’t instantly turn to mush? This is a new method scammers are using to lure people to spend their hard earned cash without receiving an item.

Victoria Police have issued a warning to the public to be cautious when purchasing items online.

With isolation being the topic of most days recently, a lot of people are lonely and looking for a companion. It is believed this loneliness is to blame for a spike in puppy related scams online.

At the moment, Victoria Police say there is a high number of Aussies falling victim to the puppy scam. Puppies are advertised for sale, the victim clicks the link and is taken to a well made website with a payment gateway.

At first look the fraudulent website looks legitimate, it has all the right markers to fill the victim with confidence before making their purchase.

Scammers play on the emotions of people, making them believe they are rehoming puppies when in actual fact there is no puppy to begin with.

Many might say, I wont fall for this, but we know differently, Ballan Computers has been contacted by someone in the Moorabool Shire who was lucky not to fall victim to a fraudulent puppy sale.

The important thing to note, this is a highly organised and sophisticated scam. It is designed to look completely legitimate.

Victoria Police say to act with caution when purchasing anything online. If you are not using an established sales platform such as eBay, take caution, especially if the seller makes it hard to see the item.

Always pay for your online items using PayPal. This will give you some protection against fraudulent activity.

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