Operation Regal.
Image: Victoria Police

We heard from early last week that the boys and gals in blue would be out in force over the long weekend. So how did Moorabool fare with Operation Regal?

There were a couple of bingles in the region, and a rescue in the region over the weekend, but that’s about it.

Moorabool recorded ZERO drunk drivers over the long weekend, but unfortunately there was 2 people identified driving with drugs in their system.

Police caught One disqualified driver, 3 unlicensed drivers and 10 unregistered vehicles.

61 speeding infringements were issued, 3 disobey signals and 1 seatbelt offence was recorded.

There were no tickets issued for mobile phone use in Moorabool.

Lastly there were 2 vehicles impounded.

Operation Regal ran throughout Victoria from Friday Morning to Monday Evening.

0 drink drivers
2 drug drivers
1 disqualified drivers
3 unlicensed drivers
61 speeding offences
3 disobey signs/signals
1 seatbelt offences
0 mobile phone offences
10 unregistered vehicles
2 impoundments

3 drink drivers
5 drug drivers
3 disqualified drivers
8 unlicensed drivers
59 speeding offences
6 disobey signs/signals
0 seatbelt offences
1 mobile phone offences
10 unregistered vehicles
4 impoundments

Author: Dev