5G Tower for Darley
Image: Stock

5G has stirred a lot of controversy with many believing it is the cause of the COVID19 virus. Of course, we know the COVID virus originated in Wuhan, well after 5G towers had been installed throughout the world.

MP’s in all regions have been inundated with letters complaining about 5G towers in their areas “because of mistrust” people have with 5G.

Well, now a Telstra base station located at Natasha Close, Darley is due to be upgraded to 5G.

In a proposal listed by Telstra, the facility will receive maintenance and an upgrade. Telstra want to replace the triangular head frame, existing dipole antenna mount and add an extension mount making the tower 3.7m to the existing height.

Three new 5G antennas and two 4G antennas will also be added as well as other items.

In accordance with Section 7 of C564:2018 Mobile Phone Base Station Deployment Code, Telstra invites you to provide feedback about the proposal. Your feedback can be emailed to Stefan Kaldis (town planner for Visionstream on behalf of Telstra.) stefan.kaldis@visionstream.com.au by 19/06/2020.

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Author: Dev