Ballan Needs a High School
Does Ballan Need a High School?

Moorabool Online ran a story a few weeks ago about the need for a High School in Ballan.

A few weeks later and the government announces major investment into schools including a $2.4m upgrade to water & sewage facilities at Exford Primary School.

Eynesbury will also be getting a swank new $624.8M primary school to open in 2021.

We asked the Premiers Office, for the premier what last weeks funding announcements meant for Moorabool.

There was not one mention of a Moorabool school that will benefit from the major funding boost to build ‘The Education State.’

When we asked the spokesperson if there was a High School in the works for Ballan, the reply said, “Ballan families are currently zoned to Bacchus Marsh College, which has significant capacity to accommodate students.”

”There are currently no plans for a secondary school in Ballan.”

We asked our readers what they thought, of the 196 respondents, an overwhelming 74% (146) of you say Ballan should have its own High School.

Heres what our readers said:

“Yes we need a high school our local kids spend a lot of time commuting and are exhausted when they get home” – R Ruby-Red

“Yes because the kids are required to commute to Ballarat or Bacchus Marsh or Daylesford.
There are many kids in the surrounding country towns also.” – J. Spence

“With the growth and development around the town and it’s neighbouring towns it would be a great benefit. There is 5 primary schools 2 kindergartens between Ballan and Wallace this is a high volume of children that are then commuting in their later schooling years into Ballarat, Daylesford or Bacchus Marsh.” – K Jacqueline.

If they build a high school in Ballan, I’m sure they won’t be providing free bus services to people who want to send their kids to a different schools elsewhere! (there’s many reasons why kids may want to go to a different school, maybe bullying issues, maybe they prefer the facilities and programs elsewhere, maybe religious reasons…) That choice will be lost if they build a high school in Ballan. I actually liked catching the bus from Ballan to Ballarat and made friends with kids from all different schools. – D. Mullane

When I lived in Ballan it would have been very convenient, BUT Ballan has an advantage by not having a high school more people would move into the area and

The quaint village atmosphere will be replaced I remember when Melton was considered a country town now Melton is considered an outer suburb
Keep Ballan Rural – M. Shar

Numbers from the 2016 Census show Primary schools in the area have a lot of kids that already or will soon need a high school. With Buses ferrying kids from all over the region to High Schools in Ballarat, Daylesford & the zoned Bacchus Marsh.

In Ballan alone, 2016 saw 267 primary school students and 222 high school students.
Greendale, 52 Primary School kids, 59 high school students.
Gordon, 110 primary school students, 104 high school students.

In the same time, Bacchus Marsh has closed its Darley campus and turned the school into council offices. According to the 2016 Census, 1,939 kids were in primary school and 1,425 kids were in high school.

The numbers don’t add up, With the closure of the Darley campus, Maddingley has seen portable classrooms invade the grounds leaving much less room for the kids when they’re outside.

With the number of students in primary schools filtering to Bacchus Marsh College or Bacchus Marsh Grammar, the numbers will mean a new high school in Moorabool is needed sooner rather than later.

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