Shire Council Meeting
Pic: Screenshot from Meeting Video.

In a special meeting tonight, the Moorabool Shire has passed a motion to consult the community in relation to a 2% rate increase. In a special meeting broadcast live online, Councillors had their say on whether the community should be involved.

Here is some of what was said tonight.

Cr Dudzik “It is not making a final decision on final part. It’s giving the community the opportunity to comment on the budget and what is proposed ahead.”

Cr Dudzik “The impact long term of this on council is much better financially that a zero percent rate rise would be because the same amount of dollars can be targeted without causing damage for the years ahead.”

Cr Bingham “Interest rates the following year no doubt the residents will see 4,5,6 percent in order to effectively get their losses back“.

Cr Bingham “This option is also about doing the Australian thing and helping out those people that do need it.”

Cr Sullivan “I think the council should hibernate the rates this year”

Cr Tatchell “I’m not sure that when it goes out to consultation, that all of the cards can be read are on the table.”

Cr Tatchell “If all properties in Moorabool are devalued, we may need that 2% to maintain the status quo”

Cr Keogh “this proposed budget gives us the best outcomes and opportunities for our community”

Councillors in favour, of community consultation, Cr Edwards, Cr Bingham, Cr Keogh, Cr Dudzik, Cr Borgelt.

Councillors against  community consultation, Cr Sullivan, Cr Tatchell.

You can see the full meeting online on the Moorabool Shire Facebook page, or by Clicking Here.

Author: Dev