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by Bob.

In response to the article, How Melton Hospital will impact Moorabool.

As a resident in Melton area, I believe this will be a major benefit to residents in the Moorabool area. A hospital in Melton will relieve stress on surrounding hospitals such as Sunshine and Footscray which are bursting at the seams.

My Grandson, also a resident of Melton requires regular hospital trips 3 times a week for dialysis. He is required to travel to Sunbury Day Hospital for dialysis because Melton has no room to care for additional dialysis patients.

He has found himself unable to do the trip to 20-minute trip to Sunbury, so he needs a driver to take him. He’s not the only one. There are patients travelling from Bacchus Marsh to Sunbury as well.

In his medical state, driving even 20 minutes takes too much out of him, and he becomes a danger on the roads. Bringing a hospital to Melton will take the stress out of traveling for not only him, but others at the facility.

Five hour waits are normal at Sunshine hospital. My 10-year-old Great-Gransdon broke his elbow in 3 places and was in agony for 6 hours in the emergency department at Sunshine. Since that day in 2019, we’ve all traveled to Ballarat for a better level of care.

The population is increasing in Melton & surrounding areas. There are many reasons a hospital will benefit the area. Job Creation, Better level of care, less stress on existing infrastructure, just to name a few.

Many locals including myself will definitely benefit from having a hospital in Melton.

It’s time to invest in the West.

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